Luca Lozano 'Man of Science' CD

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✳ Klasse wrecks, Luca Lozano
✳ CD
✳ Electronic
✳ Released 2022
✳ Mint


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Luca Lozano 'Man of Science' CD


Klasse Wrecks is proud to present Luca Lozano's 4th album, a collection of both previously unreleased and brand new material. Recorded between the years of 2015 and 2022 and in the locations of various studios in Berlin and Sheffield, 'Man Of Science' collates some of the producers most accomplished and interesting work to date.Choosing to release an album on CD in the current climate of vinyl-fetishistic domination may seem a risky move but longtime followers will know Mr. Lozano was never one to follow trends blindly and chooses to plough his own path whilst the world patiently waits in line for their turn.The title track from the album opens with sampled words from astrophysicist and planetry scientist Neil Degrasse Tyson and hints at the overarching theme of the album, in an increasingly polarised world Luca Lozano plants his flag firmly in the moondust and stands by his belief solarsystem.'Man Of Science' opens with 'End of Line 2' a follow up to the original track released on Super Rhythm Trax in 2015. The slow stomp of breakbeats and alien rhythms stride alongside complex layers of Kawai-strings and haunting FX, resulting in a trademark styling of a Lozano track that refuses to be categorised.Elsewhere the stubborn bounce of 'Celestrial Being' fuses a House feeling with a retro rave aesthetic, culminating in a beautifully orchestrated crescendo that is sure to illuminate the moodiest of listeners.Tracks like 'Prognosis' show off Lozano's flair and interest in early Progressive House, an irresistably functional groove pair with pianos and stabs Gat Decor would proud of.The album rounds of with the bonus track 'VIP', which features a sample taken from the Spike Jonze produced documentary 'Whats Up, Fatlip? and is a perfect example of the type of track that lies hidden in one of Lozano's many forgotten hard drives. Defiantly imperfect and with a tongue firmly lodged in cheek, the track gives a glimpse into the producers relentless worth ethic and also a sneak peek into the mountain of music that possibly lies unreleased.The 10 track CD album comes complete with obi-strip and fold out poster and is limited to 500 copies. 


*Includes digital download.





  1.  End of Line
  2. Celestial Being
  3. Man of Science
  4. The Departure
  5. Tekno House
  6. Another Fine Mess
  7. Make Peace
  8. Prognosis
  9. Trybell
  10. VIP
  11. Zombie
  12. Outsider
  13. Horizon






























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Luca Lozano 'Man of Science' CD

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